Welcome to the Oratcl website! Oratcl 4.5 was released Oct, 7 2009 and the website is being updated to reflect that. Please report any inconsistencies.


The Oratcl package is a dynamic extension of the Tcl language that integrates Oracle OCI calls into a set of Tcl commands that allow Oracle access via Tcl.

Starting in May 2000, Todd Helfter became the new maintainer of the Oratcl package. Currently two versions of Oratcl are supported. Oratcl 4 for use with Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g and 11g. The older Oratcl 3 is for use with Oracle 7 and 8.0.x.

Please visit the project page for feature request, bug reports and general help requests.

A new User's Guide and Reference

The latest version of the Oratcl User's Guide and Reference e-book is now available for download.

Some information

Oratcl was originally written by Tom Poindexter and his site has many valuable references. His website link can be found in the "Offsite Links" section.

The Oratcl 4.5 windows binaries were compiled using gcc on an MSYS and MINGW32 configuration. They are linked with Tcl 8.5 using the Tcl stubs feature, which should allow them to run with any recent version of Tcl. Oratcl is not linked with Oracle libraries at build time. Oracle libraries are dynamically loaded at run time allowing the user to have flexibility of Oracle client installs..

I have had Oratcl 4.4 running in daemons for months with no memory loss due to memory leaks. I think this is the most memory 'clean' version to date.

The Oratcl 4.X series has been released under a 'BSD' style license, which means that it can be used in commercial applications.

Oratcl 4.5 can be built in 32 bit or 64 bit mode. It can also be built in multi-threaded mode.

Oratcl 4.5 is compatible with Oracle 10g Release 2 instant client.
Oratcl 4.5 is compatible with Oracle 11g Release 1.

Oratcl 4.5 is compatible with Oracle 11g Release 2.

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